to be depressed is a sin in this nation where it’s name equals

depression. the white’s man disease it is!

& my heart weeps out:


i pledge

to depression my county

to be drained, famished

& broken

to serve with all my sweat

& sanity…


mama found me this time withering away

in the corner of my room

like a flower deprived of water.

she sprinkled some smile on my sad face.

But mom, it’s autumn here

let the leaves fall.


a conversation with the therapist:

what is the colour of your depression?

— simply the colour a rainbow would bleed

when perforated

is that why you cut yourself again?

— what do you do when you’re tired?

see my blood is tired

it needs fresh air rest

o-okay. But you just have to live…

— how do you expect me to live

when i’ve died a long time ago

even before the first breathe? Or

who can return ashes to wood? Or

who can return glass splinters to mirror?


because to be depressed is a sin,

stretched is my withered hands towards Heaven :

Lord i come to you a sinner

& i humbly repent for trying to take

what’s not mine — for being ungrateful for life.

if yours truly I am, you can please have me now.

Writer’s Bio: Sodiq Oyekanmi is a Nigerian poet and a student of the University of Ibadan, where he currently studies Theatre Arts.

He enjoys writing poetry as he sees this as a creative outlet that enables him to reflect the world around him. He is hopeless romantic. His works have appeared on Echelon Review, and other literary blogs

He is currently working on his first poetry chapbook.

You can find him on Facebook at Sodïq Oyèkànmí.


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