I came online to express my grief, to cry for the demise of such a rare man. But the online space was fiery. Nigerians were talking about bad roads, poor supply of electricity and insecurity. Someone even mentioned the poor state of state-owned hospitals before the COVID-19 pandemic. I was devasted. Something again went off in my chest — I seriously need to get that checked. How can we talk about bad roads in the face of grief?

COVID-19 is real; that I’m certain of. I’ve heard so many conspiracy theories I’m convinced these movies have done so much damage. I’ve heard the 5G tale, the World War 3 “without a single gunshot” tale (my favorite), the Chinese takeover tale, the chemical weapon tale and a few more. I must admit that these tales come with a fancy ring; imagine telling my grand-kids I lived through the years China killed the entire world…