it’s night time and you are not here, 
i pick up my phone hoping to find something of you somewhere

but instead, i find myself turning on my music, and moving my body to the rhythm.

i imagine us together, il mio amore, you sitting on a picnic mat and me doing the same thing that i am doing now

dancing under the afternoon sun, watching you smile, 

your smile is so beautiful, it hits me in places i never realized were alive. 

i try to get to join me but you just wrap your arms around my waist 

and shower kisses on my lips, my neck, my nose,

let’s go home, you say, after hours of rediscovering ourselves, 

so we stroll back home under the moonlight, our hands clasped together,

our shoulders constantly bumping into each other. 

we jump into bed and you rip my clothes with the feverish passion of a 19 year old boy touching his girl for the first time,

careful but eager still, my breasts fit perfectly in your hands and you slip into me,

eyes moist with lust, you take a sharp breath, 

you do it again and again, finding new ways to please me. 

halfway into the song, i catch myself, my imagination has wandered far.

i miss you all over again. 

i slip under my sheets, waiting for a call that’ll probably never come,

rereading our messages, laughing at the little things. 

it’s late and i should probably get some sleep, 

as i close my eyes, my last thought is of you.



  1. I really like this poem.
    It makes me feel nostalgic of something I’ve not had yet.
    It’s refreshing to read something from you again after all this while.

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