Black Youth

requiem for a young lover || Sodiq Oyèkànmí

climax is when she left you
in the lurch to romance a simple text:

 “i’m gone, do not look for me.”

tragedy is when you start fading away

in the corner of your room 

like some words in a 70s newspaper.

& as you sip her away 

with hard liquids,

smoke & sadcore songs, 

her memory will sink down more to your heart. 

your heart: a graveyard for sour spittle 

of when you kissed;

b r o k e n  alphabets 

on ripped apart love letters;

cracked voice notes from whatsapp 

& atom of things that formed 

“you and i.”

epilogue:  one day 

she will remember your name

 like some hieroglyphs carved on a tombstone.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Touched Collection, Skyla Wilson



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