It was somewhere between life and death
Somewhere between addiction and sobriety
Somewhere between sadness and its delight
Somewhere between wails and silence
Somewhere between mourning and joy
Somewhere between giving up and dragging on

Somewhere in the freezing cold of hell

Somewhere between night and day
Somewhere between echoes and noise
Somewhere between depression and elation
Somewhere between a tangle of Labret and a clear field of wheat

Somewhere on the tiled road of doom

Somewhere between pain and numbness
Somewhere between cliff edges and suicide
Somewhere between flying and falling
Somewhere between realising the very ones I was trying to save were the ones standing on my cape
Somewhere between the devil and the sea
I found hope of a new beginning…

Oladapo O. Pelumi



  1. Kunle Eniola Reply

    Message of hope indeed. Hope for the hopeless, hope for the world, hope for Africa, hope for black youth. Thumb up!

  2. Yemi Eniola Reply

    Enormous talent in the black continent, it’s drives the youth and black race going to a greater height, a good message to make the world a better place and the hope of living and hoping for a greater things

  3. But I believe that the HOPE we’re talking about only if we take the step!

    • blackyouth Reply

      Yes, hope exists all the time; only if we know where to look.

  4. Yemi Eniola Reply

    The beginning of a greater height, your feet is on the solid ground with the inspiration u ‘ve to write this…..Indeed, their is a greater hope for the black continent moving into higher place n saving the world at long run…

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