Black Youth

COLORS || Praise Osawaru Wordsmith

In my earliest memory, 
I see myself staring at the sky;
wondering why it was blue 
and how it always seemed to follow
me wherever I went. 
I remember questioning 
why the ocean was also blue,
and why it covered seventy-one
percentage of earth.
I found out that blue symbolizes
trust, calmness and confidence.

My favorite colour used to be red, 
then I found out that red symbolizes
danger, war and death. 
Ever since then,
I changed from red to blue.
I’m learning to be as calm as the sea, 
I’m learning that the perfect make up 
for my face is a smile, 
I’m learning that my knuckles doesn’t 
have to metamorphize into a fist
and sometimes, 
the best tune is silence,
and the best mood, calmness. 



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