The blog is here. Finally. Strangely, I had a blog once. But I had to stop for circumstances that were beyond my capacity. There was the commitment the blog needed. Also, there were things I needed to learn. They were networks I had to have. Friends I had to make. Money I had to make. So the blog was on hold for what seemed like forever.

Even though it is still efforts and commitments away from the goals I have in my head; it is a great start. School resumes today, so this day, week holds a number of symbolic meanings. This is to every form of support I have got over the years or months, to every rejection or acceptance email, to every classmate, every friend, acquaintance, lover, and ultimately God.

To every UITE resuming back to school today, I wish you strength to end the semester. May we survive the mess ASUU put us in. To everyone reading this, I wish you love, happiness and also strength to see whatever you are going through to the end.

I want to see more of you here. Support the dream by reading, sharing on social media platforms, commenting, and subscribing.

I can promise that you will fall in love with the stories. I can promise that on some nights, the stories of love will remind you that there is somebody special for you out there. I can promise you that I will keep trying, but your support is paramount. All you have to do is promise to always come back.

With love,
Adewusi Grey David.



  1. Adekeye Israel Dedolapo Reply

    This is really fantastic, Dave. I’m really delighted and highly motivated with your spirit. I am here for you, we are all.
    Keep up the good work.

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