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This morning, I woke up to the news of Abba Kyari. Immediately I read the headline, something shattered inside of me; I’m scared it’s the pieces of my already-broken heart, shattering into fine powder. I grabbed my pillow, and cried till tears dripped out of it. How could such a good man die? Why do bad things happen to good people? This scares me, it scares me to know that one day all these great leaders will be tagged as heroes of the past.

My heart aches to even think of this.

I came online to express my grief, to cry for the demise of such a rare man. But the online space was fiery. Nigerians were talking about bad roads, poor supply of electricity and insecurity. Someone even mentioned the poor state of state-owned hospitals before the COVID-19 pandemic. I was devasted. Something again went off in my chest — I seriously need to get that checked. How can we talk about bad roads in the face of grief? How can we talk about the other persons who have died since COVID-19 crawled into our cities like a pregnant snake? How can we talk about the thousands that die from hunger and insecurity and bad roads and terrorism in the face of the death of a leader? Why, Nigerians? Why?

As if that wasn’t enough, somebody had the effrontery to talk about corruption. When did we lose our ever-forgiving attitude? At least these same leaders forgive us after our protests and activism? Don’t they still give us electricity for two hours each day? Don’t talk about corruption now; didn’t you hear that expensive cars and houses are expensive to maintain? Didn’t you hear that they didn’t tackle unemployment because most Nigerian youths are lazy? Who will take the jobs when they create it? The same lazy youths? No, the government cannot afford to waste jobs. This is the government being proactive. They deserve a medal for that, and Abba Kyari deserves the tears from your eyes.

To prove my patriotism and love for my dead Nigerian leader, I have chosen not to eat for three days. My leaders, in their benevolence, have taught me hunger. With hunger comes creativity. Why eat when you can be creative?

Nigerians, spare a tear for a great man.

May his soul find rest in a place as beautiful, successful and stable like Nigeria. Amin.



  1. The truth does hit hard and I couldn’t help but reflect on every line. Write on Grey, for your pen will never run dry.

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