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Music is an essential part of our existence. Music is more than the combination of rhythm, voices and melody. It is perfection to the ears, and peace to the mind. However, it is sad that some of us are still caught in the web of mediocre, mediocre in this context being highly subjective. Well, salvation has found you (or you have found salvation), here are 10 beautiful songs you should be listening to.
Wait; if you have all 10 songs, respect to you!

10. Billy Eilish- Bury a Friend


When I knew that Billy was 17; I had to think twice about my life. Asides finishing Score Hero, what other achievement was there for me? She has a beautiful voice, and her lyrics are so hauntingly beautiful. If you haven’t heard anything from Billie, Bury a Friend is a good start. It is dark, intriguing, soft on the ears, hard on the mind. You can also listen to Ocean Eyes and When the party’s over; these songs will make you wish you were brokenhearted. Crazy? That’s Billie for you. Also, her album is coming very soon!

9. Khalid- Better


If you haven’t listened to entire Suncity’s album, you are missing out on so much. And Better is one of the best tracks on it. “Better” includes layers of Khalid’s gentle and smooth vocals over the bumping of slow bass groove. When you are done listening, you will realize that nothing feels better than this.

8. Halsey- Without Me


You don’t listen to Halsey? Who then do you listen to? This woman has the voice of an angel, and to think she used to date one of my favorite rappers, G-Eazy. Well, when the song was released, there were speculations that the song was about her split from G-Eazy. If you are love-sick, or heartbroken, then this is the song for you.

7. Travis Scott- Sicko Mode


What is a top 10 list without Travis Scott? If you are in for the trap, this is the song for you. Come on, Drake is on this track! Thank me later.

6. J. Cole- Middle Child


Who doesn’t want to listen to J. Cole talk about being the Greatest right now?

5. Ariana Grande- Thank U, Next


I haven’t always liked Ariana. When she left Sam and Cat, I found it hard to forgive her, or forgive myself for falling in love with someone I could never have. Ariana’s music grows on you; you hear her song the first time and you are like bleh… But you soon find yourself listening on repeat. That is what Ariana music does to you. Well, if you don’t already have this song, you should get it.

4. Ariana Grande- 7 Rings


Even though I still don’t understand why this song is top on the Billboard chart, there is a chance you might find out the perfection in it.

3. Deerhunter- Element


If by a tiny chance, you love the alternative or indie genre, you should listen to this. This is one song that gives me the creeps. It is the second single from the band’s upcoming album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared

2. Post Malone and Swae Lee- Sunflower


This song is one of the soundtracks in the animation, Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse. Just like the first collaboration between the two artistes, Sunflower is beautiful. With its upbeat groove and Swae Lee’s tuned voice, Sunflower is the song for every rocky relationship.

1. Mike Posner- Drip


This is the saddest song out there. Mike talks about Avicii’s death and a number of other things on this song. In fact, you should listen to the entire A Real Good Kid album.

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